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Critical Thinking Skills in the Age of Misinformation with Dr Tom Chatfield and Dr Eric Addae-Kyeremeh
It's time to think critically! In an age of misinformation thinking critically is a key competence. It enables source evaluation, argument construction, and reasoning. Join us in conversation with Dr Tom Chatfield and Dr Eric Addae-Kyeremeh. We will cover:

• Being critical: what, how and why
• How to think about evidence and how to evaluate it
• How to argue and analyse others’ arguments/reasoning
• How to manage time and attention
• Thinking critically about technology
• Top tips and tools to help combat and resist misinformation

At the end there will be time for Q&A.


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Dr. Tom Chatfield
Dr. Tom Chatfield is an author, tech philosopher and broadcaster. His books explore the skills required to thrive in a digital age, including Critical Thinking (SAGE) and Live This Book! (Penguin). Tom is also the SAGE Campus author of Critical Thinking: An online course. Tom is interested in improving our understanding of digital technology and its uses in policy, education, and engagement. Tom speaks and broadcasts around the world on technology, the arts, and media. Appearances include TED Global, authors @Google, Science Foo Camp and the Houses of Parliament. He also guest lectures at universities in the UK and Europe.
Dr Eric Addae-Kyeremeh
Dr Eric Addae-Kyeremeh is the Head of School in the School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport at Open University. Eric has over 20 years of professional experience that involves teaching, research, scholarship of teaching and learning, knowledge exchange, consultancy and public engagement. Eric is the SAGE Campus author of Critical Reading and Writing online course.